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“This Disclaimer sets out the general information that providers of services through the Information Society are obliged to make available to consumers and users as required by Art. 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, concerning Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce. Consequently, the following information is provided:

1. Food Trends S.L.U., located in Barcelona, is the owner of Internet domain “www.FoodTrends.es.”. The general email address is contacto@foodtrends.es

2. The professional standards applicable to services provided by Food Trends S.L.U. are those indicated in Spanish Organic Law 1/2002, of 22 March, regulating the right of association and related provisions and those that may be applicable at any time by the current articles of association.

3. Use of the website and acceptance

Access to the website www.FoodTrends.es confers the status of user and implies full and unreserved acceptance by the user of each and every one of the terms contained in this Disclaimer.

The contents of this Disclaimer may undergo changes, so its acceptance by the user will concern the Disclaimer published by Food Trends S.L.U. at the time the user accesses the website. Therefore, the Disclaimer must be read carefully by the user each time the website is accessed.

Furthermore, access to the website www.FoodTrends.es is subject to all disclaimers, terms of use and instructions made known to the user by Food Trends S.L.U. which substitute, complete and/or modify this Disclaimer.

Terms of use of the website
The user agrees to use the services, products and utilities offered by Food Trends S.L.U. via the website www.FoodTrends.es in accordance with the law, this Disclaimer and any other disclaimers or instructions made known to the user, common morality and decency and public order.

In general, access to the website information and utilities may or may not require prior subscription or user registration. For this purpose, the user guarantees the authenticity and veracity of all personal data provided when completing the subscription or registration form. The user undertakes responsibility for maintaining all the information provided up to date at all times. The processing of personal data provided by the user will be carried out by Food Trends S.L.U. subject to the Privacy Policy on this website.

Industrial and intellectual property rights
Any trademarks, trade names, distinctive symbols, services, content and information of any kind appearing on this website are owned by Food Trends S.L.U. and, therefore, may not be reproduced, distributed, publicly communicated, transformed or modified without the express authorization of the Association. The content of the website shall be understood as including, but not limited to, texts, photographs, graphics, images, software, links and any other audio or audiovisual content, as well as its graphic design and source codes.

Users shall refrain from obtaining the content by using means or procedures other than those, as appropriate, that have been made available to them or, in general, those normally used on the Internet as long as the latter do not endanger or damage or disable the website and/or its content.

Any references made on the Food Trends S.L.U. website to any product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information using the trademark, trade name or manufacturer or supplier, etc. that are owned by others, does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by Food Trends S.L.U.

Exclusion of responsibilities and guarantees

The data, texts, information, images or sounds posted on the website www.FoodTrends.es are displayed for the purpose of merely informing anyone interested in them, without their access involving any commercial, contractual or professional relationship between users and Food Trends S.L.U.

In case of any discrepancy between information contained on the website and on paper, the latter shall prevail. The user is advised, before taking any action arising from the content of the website, to verify the information obtained by contacting the Customer Service Department via the email address contacto@foodtrends.com.es

Availability and continuity
Food Trends S.L.U. excludes, to the full extent allowed by our law, any liability for damages of any kind caused by lack of availability or continued access to the website and its services. Access to the information and services that this website provides is, in principle, indefinite. However, Trends Food S.L.U. may terminate or suspend access to its website at any time.

Viruses and malicious code
Food Trends S.L.U. excludes, to the full extent allowed by our law, any liability for damages of any kind that may result from the presence of viruses or other malicious code in the content causing damage to the user’s computer system, electronic documents or files.

Food Trends S.L.U. excludes, to the full extent allowed by our law, any liability for damages of any kind caused to users by the use of technical devices such as links, directories and search tools that allow users to access websites owned and/or managed by third parties.

Food Trends S.L.U. is not responsible for the breach of any applicable regulation that may be incurred by the user while accessing the website and/or using the information contained on it. Nor is it responsible for any illegitimate use made by third parties of the brand names, trademarks or any other distinctive symbols that, not being the property of Food Trends S.L.U., appear on the website.

Food Trends S.L.U. neither intends nor wishes to obtain personal information directly from minors; however, we cannot always determine the age of persons who access and use our websites. In the event of a minor (defined according to criteria established in applicable law) providing us with his/her details without the consent of his/her parents or guardians, we encourage the parent or guardian to contact us and ask us to delete such information and unsubscribe the minor from future Food Trends S.L.U. commercial communications.

Protection of personal data
To sign up for any of the services or products offered on this website, in addition to using www.FoodTrends.es, you can send an email to contacto@foodtrends.es. Food Trends S.L.U. will handle your personal data in strict compliance with the privacy policy contained in this website.

Advertising campaigns
Food Trends S.L.U. may or may not hold advertising campaigns to promote its products and services. All campaigns carried out in online environments, or any other environment, refer to this website. Advertising campaigns scrupulously respect the profession and those working in it and comply with the ICAM Code of Ethics, the General Rules for Spanish Lawyers (Estatuto General de la Abogacía Española), the Unfair Competition Law and the General Law on Advertising.

All notifications or communications carried out by users to Food Trends S.L.U. are deemed effective for all purposes when they are sent via one of the following ways:
Sent by post to the address that the user has previously made known to Food Trends S.L.U.
By telephone call to a number that the user has previously made known to Food Trends S.L.U.
By sending an e-mail to an email address that the user has previously made known to Food Trends S.L.U.
Therefore, for such notifications to be effective, the user must state that all details provided by him/her are true and current, undertaking to inform of any changes to them.

Law and Jurisdiction
The law applicable to this Disclaimer shall be Spanish law, and the competent jurisdiction to hear any claims arising from this website shall be the Courts of Barcelona.

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